The world needs more daring

The existing social system has many problems. It is thought that in order to solve these problems and create true impact to the society, many disruptive innovations will be necessary. However, the world has a deficiency of the mechanisms that would sustain the startups that provide that disruptive innovation and social impact.

We need mechanisms oriented toward supporting disruptive innovation and impact, ones that are not held back by existing frameworks.

Conditions necessary for mechanisms that support disruptive innovation and social impact

  • Efficient fundraising mechanisms that eliminate excess costs
  • Mechanisms for determining which ventures are truly innovative and have potentials to create great impact
  • Exit mechanisms that maximize benefit for investors and supporters, which has been difficult to achieve when investing in disruptive or impact ventures

What we do?

Hotaru is a venture studio that discovers talented teams with great ideas, nurtures their ideas, and connects them with those who want to participate in the innovation and social impact. Our vision is the decentralized world where the true impact innovations are supported by the power of the public.

Who we are?

Co-Founder & Co-CEO
After encountering his first Macintosh computer at home as a kid, Hiro learned the joy of creating things with a computer and was strongly influenced by a TV show on Marc Andreessen’s Netscape-driven internet revolution.
As a middle-schooler, he visited the US for the first time and encountered the phenomenon that would later be termed as dot-com bubble, which made him determined to pursue a career in the tech industry.
After experiencing initial success of creating a mobile website, he founded his first startup at the age of nineteen. Since then Hiro has been involved in numbers of internet-based startups in fields including mobile applications, cloud hosting, IoT semiconductors, and have founded companies in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the US. Hiro was profoundly impressed by the efforts to develop a decentralized society through the emergence of Bitcoin, and has focused his work on Bitcoin and Blockchain ever since.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Aya Miyaguchi
With her focus on Microfinance when she was working on her MBA in San Francisco, Aya was originally fascinated by Bitcoin’s technology for its potential in Financial Inclusion in emerging markets. She joined Kraken and the cryptocurrency sector in early 2013 and has globally educated the public, VCs, and regulators on the cryptocurrency / blockchain innovation and technologies. She is a founding member of Japan Blockchain Association and spearheads JBA’s foreign relations. She is passionate about creating social impact with Blockchain technology and currently advising different cryptocurrency/blockchain projects both in the developed and the developing world.